Early this morning the Senate voted to push forward with what is being called health care legislation, but should really be called a huge compromise. The legislation has no public option, no expansion of Medicare eligibility, and includes restrictions on the use of federal funding for abortions.

On Tuesday, in much the same vein as our Peace show, we’ll present the alternative: a single payer health system. On December 16th, obstructionist Republican senators forced a reading of the entire 767-pageĀ  Single Payer Health bill (estimated at 10 hours) put forth by Senator Bernie Sanders (VT). Sanders had to withdraw his amendment due to Congressional recess deadlines — denying Single Payer advocates even this symbolic progress and effectively silencing any debate about this very real option on the Senate floor.

We’ll hear from activists on the ground who read the entire bill in the cold on Friday afternoon, as well as from experts on Healthcare and Senator Sanders himself.

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