This Valentine’s Day, Dawn and I joined a score of couples in suspending their vows (or vowing to suspend them!) in a solidarity ritual officiated by Rev. Billy at Central Park’s  Bethesda Angel.  With this mass “unmarriage,” we are hoping to send a strong message to elected leaders in New York City and the rest of the country that says that marriage (and that 1000+ legal rights and benefits associated with it) is a legal right — not a heterosexual privilege.

In the words of Savitri D., “We hope this ritual will be a starting point for all its participants and that it will send a message to other hetero people—let’s work together and get gay marriage done and legal so we can move on to the many other issues effecting the LGBT community disproportionately, like homicide, violence, wage and job discrimination, depression, homelessness, and suicide to name a few.”

On Tuesday, Dawn joins me in the studio to talk about our experiences at this action and our decision to put off marriage until it is a legal right for all.

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