Friends, brothers, sisters, WVRB is no more. Torn asunder in it’s short life…but be bold…we will fly again, under a different sky…and when we do, there will be a party, and rejoicing, and music…and we want you to be there.

We will soon be relaunching (hopefully in less than a month) as Radiohive Collective, and the show will continue! Stay tuned to this page for more info!

In the meantime, visit our archives page and get caught up on any shows you may have missed. Also, take some time and read through our musings section. Leave comments! Respond! Be interactive!


Welcome to our re-designed page! You can navigate blog pages at the top of the site. I’ve also added a search function and the ability to subscribe to posts via RSS feeds. Also, thanks to Emily Schuch for the bangin’ banner design. More changes to come probably — but enjoy!!

Alex Kane’s appearance on Radio Provocateur is now up on the Indypendent’s blog for your listening pleasure!

The Indypendent » Radio Interview: Alex Kane on Gaza and Palestine

Just wanted to pass along  an article of mine  recently published in The Indypendent based on my conversation with Jordan Seilier about the Public Ad Campaign on our first broadcast.

To the read the article on The Indypendent’s website, click here

Being that I’m enjoying Miami so much, there won’t be a show this week. You all in New York can suffer in the cold without my soothing voice to tide you over. Sorry, folks. See you next-next week!  -D.

Good news! After some technical issues, archives of all our shows are now available online! You can access them right here on the blog by just scrolling all the way down to the bottom of Show posts and clicking on the >> Listen link. You can also navigate over to the Archives page by using the link on the right and clicking on any episode to listen.

Alternatively, you can go to and stream them from there!