WVRB is an intentionally free and freeform grassroots non-commercial radio experiment, committed to giving voice to under-represented perspectives and/or musical stylings. Initially a project of the 2009 Vote Rev Billy campaign for New York City Mayor, WVRB has emerged and taken on a life and direction all its own. We are a collectively run project, providing an open, welcoming space for innovation and the personal creative development of all our members. We celebrate diversity and strive to provide a platform for ideas and art that are otherwise ignored by mainstream media outlets.

Current Schedule

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(WVRB broadcasts on Monday and Tuesday nights.)


7 PM – 8 PM: The Underachiever’s Effort

8 PM – 9 PM: Mutli- Party Planet

9 PM – 10 PM: Global music

10 PM – 11 PM: The Feminystic Show


7PM – 8 PM: That One Show

8PM – 9 PM: Wildman Radio

9 PM – 10 PM: Radio Provocateur

10 PM – 11 PM: The Inspirational Humanist Radio Hour

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